‘A fish in search of water’: To make the movie the interviews Diana did with Dona were used.

These interviews were taken while hiking, canoeing, or lounging at the rented house in Teton Village. The leitmotif of both the documentary film and the manuscript is that life itself is the mystical experience, that no explanation can ever explain it, and that each human being by nature has a one-to-one relationship with the life force. The deeply mysterious experiences of both birth and death are intensely personal experiences, which each human being goes through alone, even though there may be others around.

Life can be lived in the same personal way with, on the one hand, our daily relationships with the surroundings and on the other hand, our own deeply experienced relationship with the universal life force. This relationship can only be experienced if we put our judging, cataloguing and choosing minds in their proper perspective and allow the other side of us, the perceiving mind, the eye of the heart, to interact with life and with the life force. Our cataloguing minds are the reality tunnels that each one of us lives in and are on the one hand unavoidable, but on the other hand create division between human beings and cultures. Thus to put these reality tunnels in their proper perspective and to give more room to our humanness can help us live life from a wider vision, a more innocent vision.