Be simple

EpoNa and I sat resting in the shade of an old tree, the herd grazing peacefully at a little distance, and the great white stallion standing guard over them.

I have heard it say’, began Epo-Na softly’ that some human animal, the Universe be kind on his soul, said: ’Cogito, ergo sum’ (I did not know that she spoke Latin, but then she has been around for a long time), or ‘I think,therefore I am’.

Well, that is one of the dumbest things of all the dumb things I have heard human animals say. What about the trees, the horses, the fish in the water, the stars in the heavens. They all ‘are’, without all that noisy stuff in their skull. Who did he think he was. There is thinking and there is thinking. Human animals do it the loud way, that is, they make a lot of noise inside their heads, which most of the time doesn’t make any sense, and then they call that ‘thinking’.

As we discussed many times, thinking is just a bunch of words drilled into the poor baby’s brain from birth on, and by skilfully combining them into sentences they think that they make sense.

The brain has been grafted onto a much older way of ‘knowing ‘ things. You must remember that the cells of the body are actually not physical, but are energy particles that are part of the great Energy which we call Universe, and therefore they have the same ‘knowledge ‘ that the Great Energy, the Universe, has. Each one of us is a small piece of that. You remember the famous story of the disciple who asked the guru about ‘Brahma’, the Sanskrit word for the All, the Universe, at which the guru answered : Tat Tvam Asi, or in other words, YOU ARE THAT.

You are the Universe, Brahma, and as such ALL the knowledge of the universe is shared by all, by you and me and the tiniest of ants.

Therefore non-human animals think with their senses, with their bodies, with their skin, with their intuition, but more than anything else, with their hearts and guts. Did you know that that mare over there is pregnant?’

I looked at the horse she was pointing at. ‘No, I did not know’.

See’, she said scornfully, ‘you can’t even see the ghost of an unborn baby inside the womb, and yet you call yourself ‘smart’’. ‘Thinking, Ha, won’t get you very far if suddenly a mountain lion would pop up from behind that bush. You would have to continue your ‘thinking’ inside his belly’.

She got up lazily. ‘Be simple’, she said softly, and slowly walked over to the herd.