Discussions with Epona

Dona Holleman

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In 2011 I had to undergo an operation, and had to spend three weeks in the hospital. To while away the time I started the Discussions with Epona.

The discussions were partly written for my own pleasure and amusement - but also to present human animals and their world view from a slightly different angle: seen through the eyes of a horse. Sometimes it needs an outsider to show us our weaknesses and frailties. And who is more capable of this than the horse:


“In front of the horse the human being is naked”

Nuno Oliveiro


Epo-Na, meaning the ‘divine mare’, from epo or hippo, horse, and na, divine female, was from the iron age on the prime goddess of the Celts and later on got adopted by the Romans. Her official name was Epona Regina. 

Protectress of horses and soldiers she guarded her devotees in this life and the next and brought dreams and visions in answer to their questions, revealing the profound mysteries of life and death. At the end of their life she carried her devotees to the Otherworld. During their life she would visit human animals in the quiet of night, when humans were more susceptible for instruction. When ‘paganism’ got discredited by Christianity, she became, instead of the benevolent dream-giver, the ‘night-mare’, bringer of bad dreams.


In several ways I have, during my path in yoga, tried to give different views on us and our world, and how we humans have an extreme homo-centric and also destructive attitude towards nature and other animals (See “Eyes of Innocence”, “A fish in search of water” and many articles and lectures).


Those books and articles were written in a more ‘serious’ way. This time I wanted to keep it light and let another animal speak about this topic: a horse. But not just any horse, but Epona, the queen of the old Celts and Romans, She Who in the end took the soldier and all human animals to the Sea.


I leave it up to Her to explain to me and whoever wants to listen many things pertaining to our human life.